How to master the correct use of the juicer!
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Juicer is a small appliance that many families will buy, which brings more convenience to our home life. Although the operation of the juicer may seem simple, there are correct methods. Only the correct use of the juicer can Ensure the safety of use, reduce the failure of the juicer and extend the service life. Let’s take a look at the correct use and precautions of the juicer with "Future Home Improvement Network".

Before use, check whether the knives and filters of the juicer are firmly installed, and then install the cup body after confirmation, and also confirm whether the installation is firm. When using the juicer, place it on a flat table, and there should be no foreign matter at the bottom. Some friends do not pay attention when using it. There are foreign matter such as wires and food at the bottom of the juicer, which will cause the juicer to shake and fall when using it. danger.


Before squeezing food or fruit, it should be cut into slightly smaller pieces according to the size of the entrance of the juicer before putting it in. After plugging in the power supply, make sure that the motor is running normally, and then push the food into the cup to maintain a constant speed and avoid excessively fast and violent movements to avoid danger. After the food is processed, unplug the power first, and then pour out the processed food. After the juicer is used, clean the internal and external components of the juicer in time. When cleaning, pay attention to avoid water flow into the motor. After cleaning, place the juicer in a dark and ventilated place to dry.

After the fruit is squeezed, the nutrient content will be greatly reduced. If the fruit is not drunk within 15 minutes after the fruit is squeezed, its nutrition will be reduced to 0. A good way to squeeze juice is to use a piece of sterilized gauze and squeeze the juice by hand to retain a little nutrition.

The juicer manufacturer Otis reminds everyone to use the juicer strictly according to the operating instructions of the juicer, and do not open the juicer before it stops rotating. When using the juicer, you must strictly follow the usage rules of the juicer. Do not use the attached items to push the food into the machine during use, such as small sticks, fingers, and do not open the cover when the motor of the machine is rotating. .

The above is about how to master the correct use of the juicer. If you need to know more about the juicer, please follow us!

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