Want to make the wall breaker as clean as new? You must know this!
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The core part of the wall breaking machine is a high-speed motor and a stainless steel blade, which is the key to "breaking the wall". Other accessories can be said to be auxiliary. The wall-breaking machine can crush and cut the food at ultra-high speed, which is more delicate than the ordinary machine, so that the nutrition is better released, and the delicate food is easier to absorb. Another outstanding feature is that the wall-breaking machine often combines the functions of a food supplement machine, soymilk machine, meat grinder, food processor, juicer, and flour mill. A machine is multi-functional and more powerful.

The force of the motor acts on the blade, and the force of the blade acts on the food, so the blade is also a vital part. The blades of the wall breaking machine can be divided into blunt blades, serrated blades and quick (sharp) blades from the shape. Blunt knives are used to smash hard ingredients, serrated knives are used to break the soft flesh of the wall, and sharp knives are used to make fruit and vegetable juices. Most of the wall breaking machines on the market use blunt blades, because blunt blades have the strongest functionality and high applicability. It is easier to crush high-toughness and high-hardness food materials.


After squeezing the juice or making soy milk, immediately use a cloth or a waste small toothbrush to clean the cutter head, filter, etc. of the machine with water, which can prevent the pomace, bean dregs and other objects from condensing; add one third to the stirring glass Add detergent to the warm water, plug in the power and stir for 30 seconds, then wash with water; if the meat is minced, put the steamed bread residue into the blender for stirring, steamed bread, bread and other objects can effectively absorb the residue such as minced meat; The body is yellowed and worn out due to frequent use. You can use a small piece of dough to stick a little detergent and rub it repeatedly to effectively clean the broken wall machine.

Usually the wall breaker can make basic functions such as soy milk, grain milk, rice paste, fruit and vegetable juice, milkshakes, etc. Some of them can also boil thick soup, ground meat, shaved ice, send dry grinding cups, and grind dry grain powder. The more basic functions, the more kitchen scenes can be adapted. Basic functionality, you can choose according to your daily needs.

The above is some introduction on how to choose a wall breaker. If you want to choose a wall breaker, you can follow our website~

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