Too many small kitchen appliances, disorderly display?
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Now our life is getting better, and more and more appliances are in our home! To be honest, electrical appliances play a very important role in our life. With electrical appliances, when we do many things, they become more convenient. They not only facilitate our life, but also enrich our life! Among all the appliances at home, the kitchen can be said to be the concentration of small appliances, such as what coffee machine, soybean milk machine, rice cooker, etc., and there are countless types of small appliances! When there are more appliances, a new question will be set up about their storage. There are too many small appliances in the kitchen, and the visits are disorderly? Use "three steps" to solve the problem easily!

Step 1: spread out

The small household appliances in the kitchen can be divided into three types: high frequency, medium frequency and low frequency according to the frequency of use, among which the household appliances that can be used in high frequency need to be collected by spreading. Small household appliances such as rice cookers and hot water kettles are used by us every day, so their use frequency is very high. When they are collected, they should be easy to take, so they can be spread out and placed on the table of the kitchen. But now many families' houses are small, the area of the kitchen itself is not large enough, and it is not suitable to spread out. At this time, we need to use mobile shelves to place such appliances. When we need to use them, it will become more convenient!

Step 2: Classification

For intermediate frequency appliances, because we only use them occasionally, the best way to store them is to classify them. This kind of electric appliance is only used when we need it occasionally. Usually most of the time, it stays in the place where we should. When we store it, we can make a classification according to the use nature of all kinds of household appliances, and then store them separately with special shelves, so that the next time we need to find, we will have a general direction, which is more convenient!

Step 3: put it away

For low-frequency appliances in the kitchen, the best way is to put them away. This kind of electrical appliances are rarely used once a year, and most of them are the result of impulse shopping. When we deal with this kind of electrical appliances, you say to throw it away. We must be reluctant to part with it. After all, we have spent money to buy them ourselves, and in the future, they may also be useful! But at ordinary times it is rarely used. If it is put in the kitchen, it seems to take up too much space! In this way, we can choose a corner position in the kitchen to store the electrical appliances. For example, under the sink at home, we can prevent a sink shelf, and put low-frequency electrical appliances on the shelf, so as not to occupy the space of the kitchen, and the next time we use it, we can easily take it!

The storage of small kitchen appliances is very skilful, not that we can do what we want! A lot of friends just don't know how to store it, which leads to the spacious kitchen, which is crowded and disorderly! Too messy kitchen will give a bad impression, and also make our quality of life very poor! So the first thing we need to do now is to clean up the kitchen according to the above method!

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