The influence of meat grinder on the processing of meat products
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Mincing machine is a kind of meat processing enterprise which processes the raw meat with different specifications according to different process requirements in the production process, so as to fully mix with other auxiliary materials to meet the needs of different products. The meat grinder is a series of products. It uses the shearing action formed by the rotating cutting edge and the hole edge on the orifice plate to cut the raw meat, and under the action of the screw extrusion pressure, the raw material is continuously discharged from the machine. According to different material properties and processing requirements, corresponding cutters and orifice plates can be configured to process particles of different sizes to meet the process requirements of the next process. Meat sausage is widely used in various frozen meat, fresh meat, chicken skeleton, duck skeleton, pig skin, cowhide, chicken skin, fish, fruit, vegetables, etc. sausage, ham sausage, lunch meat, meatball, salty flavor, pet food and other meat products and other industries.

Meat mincing is the use of meat grinder will be relatively large pieces of meat, mincing into small pieces or meat particles that meet the processing requirements. The effect of the quality of meat grinder on the processing of meat products is mainly in the aspect of curing effect. The following factors are analyzed:

1. The quality of meat grinder has different cutting ability to meat

It is mainly reflected in the impact of the thrust of the meat feeding on the longitudinal size of the meat particles, when the thrust is small, the meat twisted out is flaky but not grainy, the meat structure is seriously damaged, the sharpness of the reamer affects the cutting speed of the meat on the size of the meat particles, when the sharpness of the reamer is not enough, the meat cannot be cut off in time, the meat is ground to pieces by the rotation of the reamer, the tendons cannot be cut off, and the meat is blocked The quality of minced meat is further affected by the effect of machine mesh.

2. Analysis of the influence of minced meat quality on the curing effect

When the meat is good, the meat has less tissue destruction. When salted, the brine can be absorbed by the meat well, so that the salt soluble protein can be dissolved, and the meat granules can be seen through the water swelling and the volume increase, so that the texture of the meat can be clearly seen and spread everywhere. The meat is strong, bright and bright, and the dissolution of a large amount of salt soluble protein enhances the gel property of the product, thereby obtaining good quality. Good structure increases the elasticity and taste of the product. When the meat is poor, there will be a lot of minced meat. These crumb will seriously affect the appearance of meat and the feeling of meat eating. At the same time, these chips will be denatured by the increase of temperature and viscosity, which will form the membrane structure, which will affect the dissolution of salt soluble protein, reduce the gel properties of the products, and affect the elasticity and taste of the products.

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