Washing and maintenance of meat grinder
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Washing of meat grinder

Every time before using the meat grinder, you need to wash it simply. Generally speaking, the meat grinder was cleaned in time after the last use. The cleaning before use is mainly to wash away the floating dust inside and outside the machine. Another advantage is that the washing before use will make the minced meat easier and smoother, and also make the cleaning after work easier. 

First, prepare clean toothbrush, tube brush and other auxiliary supplies, then remove the machine in the opposite direction, clean the meat foam and meat pieces in the cavity, then soak the machine in warm water containing detergent, clean all the parts one by one with toothbrush and wash them with tap water twice. Put it in a cool and ventilated place to control drying.

Maintenance of meat grinder

Under normal circumstances, the case of meat grinder does not need to be maintained, mainly for water-proof and protection of power cord, avoiding power cord damage and cleaning. Daily maintenance of minced meat parts: after each use, the three-way, screw, blade hole plate, etc. of minced meat shall be disassembled, and the residues shall be removed and then replaced in the original order. 

The purpose of this method is to ensure the sanitation of the machine and processed food on the one hand, and to ensure the flexible disassembly and assembly of meat mincing parts, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement on the other hand. The blade and orifice plate are vulnerable parts, which may need to be replaced after a period of use.

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