What should I pay attention to when buying a ?
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Table blender is now an essential kitchen tool in our daily life, especially in this hot weather, with the heat wave in summer, there is nothing more comfortable than a cup of fragrant and refreshing juice!

But in the process of operation, the table blender often makes people feel a little uneasy because of its fierce shaking and the bursting sound of blade in the process of rotation. And because of the blade on the bottom, cleaning will always add a lot of trouble. So what should we pay attention to when buying Juicer?

1. Material is the key

For fruit juice, which is a direct food, we should be careful when making it! At present, there are three kinds of table blender materials popular on the market: glass, plastic and stainless steel. In the process of purchasing plastic juicer, it is necessary to see whether it is "food grade plastic". Generally speaking, the juicing opportunity of stainless steel material is relatively stable, even after heating, it is not easy to produce harmful substances, which is currently a more choice for consumers.

2. Waterproof function shall be complete

At present, most of the Juicers on the market are equipped with waterproof devices, which have good security sealing measures, but still do not exclude some table blenders that do not have waterproof function. In the process of purchasing, consumers must see clearly the parameters on the package and try to choose a better style. After all, in the process of juicing, juice is easy to leak into the inside of the machine along the container. If it is not waterproof enough, it is easy to cause short circuit or damage the machine.

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